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By Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

In 1980 on the Monte Faito retreat Chögyal Namkhai Norbu transmitted a whole and step by step technique for getting into the perform of contemplation in response to the Dzogchen teaching.

Scanned and switched over by means of Yuchen Namkhai as a present of affection to the realm.

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The human sees the water as something for quenching thirst and for washing. A fish sees the river water as a home, its existential dimension. The preta, that does not have the karmic cause to enjoy even a drop of water, perceives it as its opposite, as scorching flames. A Buddhist tantra relates that a Bodhisattva once met the chief of a group of pretas; the chief was seated on a throne, and tied to the pedestal of the throne there was a small, very hungry preta with a huge belly, a big mouth and a very thin throat.

Even though Buddha had explained it to him several times he continued to misunderstand, practising in a way that was sometimes too rigid, sometimes too relaxed. " He answered: "I am a musician. " He replied: "The guitar. " Through this correlation the musician was able to understand and finally succeeded in his practice. Not all beginners succeed, however, in starting in the same way as in the parable given in the Surra; it is 40 R_ix_i_..! ng��-nd stabi lising _______________ ____ very difficult to find the right balance from the very beginning.

See notes 2 and 3. The Precious Vase, Fixi ng a nds tabilisi ng to remedy this by doing something to wake up, such as for example particular breathing techniques, or you can raise your gaze higher, or go to practise somewhere more open. If you encounter the obstacle of obfuscation ( mugpa) you must train in visualisation, practising methods pertaining to the Way of Transformation or the Purification of the Six Lokas18• THE FOUR DEFECTS The practitioner's goal is to be in the state of presence, and then to maintain it, noticing all the defects in her practice and remedying them as necessary.

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