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By Jeff Mariotte

Within the realm of Aquilonia, within the time whilst Conan was once King, a tender barbarian fights to revive the dignity of his tribe—and to assert his revenge… within the bustling urban of Tarantia, the younger Pictish warrior Kral has been imprisoned after slaughtering a cadre of urban Rangers and Aquilonian squaddies, whereas his acquaintances Alanya and Doniel fight to discover safeguard within the labyrinthian urban streets.

But Kral’s look for teeth of the Ice Bear—and his attacks on those that stole it—have stuck the eye of King Conan himself. There are rumors he's sending a powerful strength to Kral’s place of birth to overwhelm the presumed Pictish uprising, whilst the Picts themselves are at the verge of launching a crusade that may drench the land in blood.

Now, Kral and his partners needs to stick to the path of enamel in the course of the again alley shadows of Tarantia, to the halls of King Conan, and around the seas the place their maximum problem awaits them…

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