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By W G Frankenburg; V I Komarewsky; Eric K Rideal


content material: entrance disguise; Advances in Catalysis and comparable topics, quantity III; Copyright web page; Contents; participants to quantity III; Editors' Preface; bankruptcy 1. Balandin's Contribution to Heterogeneous Catalysis; I. creation; II. The Multiplet idea; III. dialogue of the speculation; IV. Steric concerns in Catalysis; References; bankruptcy 2. Magnetism and the constitution of Catalytically energetic Solids; I. advent; II. normal ideas; III. Experimental tools; IV. The Susceptibility Isotherm; V. Supported Chromium Oxide; VI. Supported Oxides of Manganese; VII. Supported Nickel Oxide VIII. Supported Iron OxideIX. Supported Copper Oxide; X. similar structures; XI. Self-Supported structures; XII. Ferromagnetism; XIII. identity of Ferromagnetic levels; XIV. response methods; XV. resolution techniques; XVI. precis; References; bankruptcy three. Catalytic Oxidation of Acetylene in Air for Oxygen Manufacture; I. creation; II. of Air and Acetylene; III. Acetylene removing; IV. Catalyst Compositions; V. Regeneration; VI. Mechanism of the Oxidation Reactions; VII. Mechanism of the Oxidation via Silver Nitrate; References; bankruptcy four. The Poisoning of steel Catalysts I. Catalysts at risk of PoisoningII. critical sorts of Catalyst Poisons; III. the shape of Catalyst Poisoning Curves; IV. additional elements Influencing Toxicity; V. valuable Poisoning; References; bankruptcy five. Catalytic Cracking of natural Hydrocarbons; I. creation; II. Catalytic Cracking Reactions; III. Catalytic Cracking of Paraffins; IV. Catalytic Cracking of Olefins; V. Catalytic Cracking of Naphthenes; VI. Catalytic Cracking of fragrant Hydrocarbons; VII. constitution of Cracking Catalysts; References; bankruptcy 6. Chemical features and constitution of Cracking Catalysts I. IntroductionII. size of the "Acidity" of Cracking Catalysts; III. id of the Acid facilities because the Catalytically energetic websites; IV. constitution of the Acid; V. Mechanism of Hydrocarbon Reactions on a Cracking Catalyst; References; bankruptcy 7. response charges and Selectivity in Catalyst Pores; I. creation; III . The actual photo of the Pore constitution; III. Mechanism of delivery in Catalyst Pores; IV. actual elements selecting response charges on Porous Catalysts . (Definition of price Constants, the elemental Differential Equation and the legislations of Conservation of Mass V. response charges in unmarried PoresVI. response premiums on useful Catalyst Pellets; VII. response premiums on Poisoned Catalysts (Apparent Selective Poisoning); VIII. impact of Pore constitution on Catalyst Selectivity; Appendix; word list of Symbols; References; bankruptcy eight. Nickel Sulfide Catalysts; I. creation; II. The Nickel-Sulfur Equilibrium; III. actual Adsorption of Gases on Ni2S2 Catalysts; IV. Chemisorption of Gases on Ni2S2; V. helps for Stabilizing Nickel Sulfide; VI. training of Nickel Sulfide Catalysts; VII. necessary lifestyles and Regeneration
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102 . . . . . . . 104 Summary.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 I. INTRODUCTION The principal application of magnetic methods to catalysis has been the elucidation of structure in certain classes of active eiements and compounds. It is this development t o which attention will be directed in the present article. Possible relationships between magnetism, on the one hand, and catalysis on the other, have interested numerous investigators.

Ber. 44,3121 (1911); ibid. 46,3678 (1912). 11. Kistiakowsky, G . , J . Am. Chem. 68, 137, 146 (1936). 12. Balandin, A. , and Rubinstein, A. , 2. physik. Chem. , 431 (1934). 13. Zelinski, N. , Ber. 66, 1716 (1923). 14. Zelinski, N. , and Balandin, A. , 2. physik. Chem. Al26, 267 (1926). 15. , Ber. 67, 1715 (1934). 16. Zelinski, N. , and Margolis, E. , Ber. 66, 1613 (1932). 17. Zelinski, N. , Ber. 44,2305 (1911). 18. Zelinski, N . , Ber. 67, 1066 (1924). 19. Lazier, W. , and Vaughen, J. , J . Am.

XI. Self-supported Systems. 1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 32 33 33 36 41 41 42 48 50 52 52 53 59 63 66 66 69 72 73 74 * A large portion of this review is based on the author’s papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Permission from the Editor to reproduce data and illustrations is gratefully acknowledged. This review covers the literature through August 1949. 27 28 XII. XIII. XIV. XV. XVI. P. W. SELWOOD Page 3.

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