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By Honghui Zhou, Frank-Peter Theil

With an emphasis at the primary and sensible features of ADME for healing proteins, this e-book is helping readers strategize, plan and enforce translational examine for biologic drugs.

• Details state of the art ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) and PKPD (pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamics) modeling for biologic drugs
• Combines theoretical with sensible elements of ADME in biologic drug discovery and improvement and compares innovator biologics with biosimilar biologics and small molecules with biologics,  giving a lessons-learned viewpoint
• Includes case stories approximately leveraging ADME to enhance biologics drug improvement for monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, pegylated proteins, ADCs, bispecifics, and vaccines
• Presents regulatory expectancies and views for constructing biologic medicinal drugs in united states, european, and Japan
• Provides mechanistic perception into biodistribution and target-driven pharmacokinetics in vital websites of motion comparable to tumors and the brain

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