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Impact on each other,’ he chuckled, then laughed outright when she shot him a look intended to be crushing. ’ ‘No, thank you,’ she said coldly but it didn’t stop him. ‘I’ll show you my bruises if you show me yours,’ he suggested with a wicked grin, and for a second Kate imagined he was about to do precisely that as he bent one leg. ’ she snapped back. Late for a dental appointment she’d come hurtling down Howard’s steps right into this stranger’s arms as they both rounded the pillar on the street.

It was an order, accompanied by a look that was meant to be stern. ’ Kate echoed his grave tone, suppressing a smile as she wondered, not for the first time, who was looking after whom in their relationship. ’ was added when a tube-train rattled into the station. Another brotherly command but she wasn’t giving any promises on that one. ‘It’s work really. ’ ‘That doesn’t mean you won’t—’ he began to argue. ‘I have to go,’ Kate cut in hastily, kissing his cheek and dashing on board the tube. But before the doors could close, a determined Johnny yelled after her, ‘—Meet someone nicer and grinned from ear to ear as the train pulled away, leaving him with the last word.

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