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By Peter H. Lee

This complete narrative heritage of Korean literature presents crucial details for students and scholars in addition to others. Combining background and feedback, the research displays the newest scholarship and comprises an account of the improvement of all genres. In 25 chapters, it covers twentieth-century poetry, fiction by way of girls, and the literature of North Korea. will probably be a tremendous contribution to the sphere and a research that may stay for a few years the first source for learning Korean literature.

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Writer of fiction, short and long, who dealt Pak Y˘ongjun with the plight of farmers and city dwellers. He also taught at Yonsei University. ). North Korean writer of fiction. Pak Yuhak Pak Yuj˘on (c. 1834–1900). Founder of the western school of p’ansori singing. (foot mask). Mask play in which an actor lies down behind palt’al a black curtain and controls a scarecrow mask on the sole of his foot. The puppet wears a jacket and bamboo hands are connected to it by strings controlled by the puppeteer.

Writer of the kasa, Y˘onhaeng ka (Song of a trip to Peking, 1866). Nephew of Pak Ch’˘omji in the puppet play, he has a Hong Tongji naked body in red and even reveals an erect member – a satirical and humorous character. (1724–1802). Writer of Puksae kiryak Hong Yangho (Record of the northern pass) in which he used Chinese graphs for xxxiv Glossary their sound to record the dialect of Kongju (Ky˘ongh˘ung in North Hamgy˘ong). “H˘onhwa ka” (Dedication of the flowers, c. 702–37). A 4-line hyangga supposedly composed by an old herdsman.

1834–49). Master singer of p’ansori. Mo H˘unggap . Stubborn junior monk in the mask dance play. M˘okchung Mo Yunsuk (1910–90). Woman writer of poetry active in the 1930s– from 1949 1950s and publisher of the monthly literary journal Munye to 1954. (600–41). Thirtieth king of Paekche and author of “S˘odong Mu, King yo” (Song of S˘odong, c. 600). (Dancing to heaven). State assembly of Ye held in the tenth Much’˘on month. (b. 1947). Contemporary woman writer of poetry. Mun Ch˘ongh˘ui Munhak kwa chis˘ong (Literature and intellect).

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