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By Gerald Gruman MD PhD

Textual content examines attitudes towards durability and demise in Islamic and chinese language societies in addition to in Western civilizations. offers an figuring out of the origins of drugs, own hygiene and public wellbeing and fitness, and the underlying mental and social matters surrounding getting older. Softcover.

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Things in the heavens, being composed of ether, are immortal and unchanging. The mixing of the four elements in earthly organisms makes death inevitable. Apologism 21 Opposites destroy each other . . it is impossible that anything containing matter should not have in any sense an opposite. . Henee all things on earth are at all times in a state of transition and are coming into being and passing away . . "54 Aristotle's science was static and apologist rather than dynamic and meliorist. 55 Instead, he concentrated on "formal causes/' static description and classification.

Legends which include more than one theme will be classified according to which theme seems the more significant. The word "prolongevity" is used rather loosely in this chapter in referring to legends in which longevity is extended by means other than ones directly under human control. An attempt has been made, however, to keep the designation within bounds by bringing under consideration only those legends which reasonably might stimulate the idea of increasing longevity by human action. THE ANTEDILUVIAN n THEME3 The antediluvian theme, that people lived much longer in the past, is best exemplified by the familiar Hebrew tradition.

The longest and shortest are thus brought to the same . . all things from eternity are of like forms and come round in a circle . . 46 Thus, the Stoics developed an apologist line of reasoning which excluded not only the possibility of the prolongation of life but its desirability as well. 47 As a biologist, Aristotle investigated an almost encyclopedic range of problems, and one of those problems was the nature of oíd age. 49 Such an explanation of oíd age was not a novel one. 50 Thus, blood was hot and moist, yellow bile was hot and dry, black bile was cold and dry, and phlegm was cold and moist.

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