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Knee: genou, coude, le genou. passes: passe. pocket: poche, empocher, case. prefer: préférer, préfères, préférez, préfèrent, préférons, préfère, aimer mieux. slope: pente, côte, talus, inclinaison, déclivité, versant. starts: démarre. straw: paille. Wilkie Collins 31 “Come, come, my girl, I said, “your past life is all sponged out. ” She took me by one of the lappets of my coat. I am a slovenly old man, and a good deal of my meat and drink gets splashed about on my clothes. Sometimes one of the women, and sometimes another, cleans me of my grease.

Twisted: tordu. unaccountable: inexplicable. varnish: vernis, vernir. 34 The Moonstone remarked, a great satisfaction to our inferior fellow-creatures to find that their betters are, on occasions, no brighter than they are. Neither Mr. Franklin, with his wonderful foreign training, nor I, with my age, experience, and natural mother-wit, had the ghost of an idea of what Rosanna Spearman’s unaccountable behaviour really meant. She was out of our thoughts, poor soul, before we had seen the last flutter of her little grey cloak among the sand-hills.

Add to this that, plain as she was, there was just a dash of something that wasn’t like a housemaid, and that was like a lady, about her. It might have been in her voice, or it might have been in her face. % Having now told the story of Rosanna, I have only to notice one of the many queer ways of this strange girl to get on next to the story of the sands. Our house is high up on the Yorkshire coast, and close by the sea. We have got beautiful walks all round us, in every direction but one. That one I acknowledge to be a horrid walk.

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