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By J. Forsyth

This publication was once initially released in 1970. point - the connection among imperfective and perfective verbs - has continuously been one of many positive factors of Russian grammar that English-speaking scholars locate fairly tricky. It has in truth usually an insoluble secret, mostly as a result of the frequency of exceptions to the acknowledged principles. Mr Forsyth means that this is often the fault of the foundations, and that the problems within the approach of figuring out the functioning of element stem mainly from the defective foundation of the normal definitions. The operation of imperfective and perfective are tested in all sorts of the verb together with the vital, infinitive, participles and gerunds, and their utilization is abundantly illustrated by way of examples from Russian. the purpose is to offer a complete photo of element within the Russian language that allows you to be of functional curiosity to complex scholars of Russian, and in addition contributed to the theoretical examine of element as a grammatical type.

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That the meaning of a perfective form includes as one of its elements the expression of aspect, while an imperfective form carries no such element of meaning. In this respect the imperfective past tense in Russian is analogous to the simple past in English. An English form such as 'wrote' can be analysed into two elements of meaning. e. 'write' as opposed to 'sing', 'jump', 'run' etc. 2) as the 'concrete (denotative) features' of a verb form). In addition, 'wrote' has the grammatical meaning of 'past tense'.

G. l;liT:&1 B11yBCTBO 'come to one's senses'. That these verbs lack imperfective partners is simply a matter of usage. To the isolated unpaired perfectives listed above must be added a considerable number of procedural perfectives which are closely associated with imperfectives but cannot be paired with them (cf. 2). g. l;:HTL 'give birth', po,ruIT:&ca 'be born', and 6e)l(aTb in the meaning 'flee, escape'. g. BeneTbx. g. B,npyr OH BenenP 0Txp:b1Tb or6HL 'Suddenly he gave the command to open fire'; Kaxc,nbtii: ,neHb OH BeJieJii' 'IT06bI om!

As a general, potential phenomenon. This will be referred to as the 'type of action'. (c) the view or presentation of the type of action, which is inherent in the lexical meaning of a given verb. For instance, CTy':laTL, KpH11aTL, )l(eBaTL and other verbs denote types of action which inherently consist of a succession of repeated identical acts-' knock', 'cry', 'chew'; some derived forms such as no'IHTaTL, no3aHHMaTLcg have the meaning of 'reading or occupying oneself for a restricted period of time' etc.

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